Folk Camps

What is a Folk Camp?

With Folk Camps you can experience folk music, singing and dancing, and take part in the wide range of other activities on offer. If you like music, have a sense of humour and enjoy meeting new people, this is the place to find out more about our family friendly holidays.

Each year Folk Camps offer unique locations throughout the UK (and sometimes Europe) to hosts events. Our holidays include week long fully-catered summer camps, self-catered camping weekends and weekend breaks in hotels during the winter. We try to find sites in attractive locations, where there are also lots of places to visit and things to do. There will be a field to camp on and either a hall or a marquee for eating, dancing, playing, singing and any number of other activities.

Destinations, Prices and Bookings

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"It is our ideal holiday and has been since 1993"

"I'll come again because it is awesome and I always have a great time with wonderful people"

"It is difficult to imagine there is a better way to spend a summer holiday"

With reviews like this, it’s not surprising that people book with us again and again.

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Value for Money

Folk Camps is a non-profit making organisation and so aims to maintain excellent value for money on its holidays. Compare our prices with going to a festival where you would have to pay for each activity you wanted to join in with! You would also have to pay good money to hear many of our musicians and singers at festivals or folk clubs.


One of the joys of our holidays is that children can play safely with other children. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship – many of our older members started when they were children and now bring their own to camps. The camp environment is very safe, and well away from the general public.

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2018 Folk Camps Programme

2018 February Craft Break open for bookings. The full season will be published here in October

Bookings will open to attendees at the AGM on 18th November, and shortly afterwards online.


Bursary Scheme

Discover and Promote bursaries will be available for the 2018 season of Folk Camps.

A Bursary is a great opportunity for you to develop your musicianship, perhaps in learning new repertoire, perhaps in honing your workshop skills. Or to develop skills in promotion, publicity or marketing. An opportunity to experience a Folk Camps holiday for just the price of a deposit, only £20, and to enhance your CV.

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