All This Season’s Staff

Volunteer staff help organise and lead musical activities, with daily workshops, singarounds and ceilidhs. Many of our members are second or third generation Folk Campers and have grown up coming to Folk Camps every summer. It’s where they have learned their music, dances, songs. It is often where they met their partner. Many skilled musicians already volunteer to staff at our camps where, in return for a free holiday, they organise music workshops and coordinate the evening bands. Over the years, many professional musicians have attended Folk Camps and some of them are regularly staff members at our camps.


Jacqueline Beattie
Stuart Beattie
Bob Carter
Emma Daniel
Regine de Frettes
Karen Dietz
Clare Elleray Mee
Chris Jewell
Anthony Keen
Beci Kijko
Rose Malleson
James Mijnlieff
Jenny Newman
Jay Parrack
Walter Pohl
Barry Pollard
Brian Pollard
Steve Porritt
Mic Spenceley
Ben Thackeray
Jenny Walton
William Weir


Chris Butler
Emily Farewell
Alastair Gavin
Andy Glass
Moira Gutteridge
Peter Gutteridge
Jonathan Holland
Simon Hopper
Chris Jewell
Belinda Jones
Richard Jones
Cat Kelly
Bruce Knapp
Sarah Malleson
John New
Jenny Newman
Beth Rawlins
Ben Thackeray
Hilary Vare
Polly Walker-Penn
Val Will


Liz Cooper
Jane Farndon
Ros French
Deborah Hatton
Melanie Horton
Susan James
Anne Kenyon
Simon Reynolds
Mark Robinson
Rhiannon Thomas
Ann Tracey
Chris White


Graham Clements
Sean Hayden
David Holland
Judith Jenkins
Sam Mason
Barry Moule
Steve Porritt
Will Riding
Patrick Self
Jenny Walton
Nigel Watson
Nick Whitlock


You can see the complete programme of Folk Camps for this season here.