Development Fund Grants

As part of our commitment to fostering folk traditions, we like to encourage volunteers – especially the talented individuals and groups who already come on holiday with us. Find out how you can become an even bigger part of it!

What is the Folk Camp Development Fund?

We are a charity, set up to preserve and promote traditional music, song, dance and games (this is set out in our Memorandum and Articles of Association). In order to help achieve this end, we have put aside monies that maybe given as grants to governing members who apply with a folk-based project in mind.

So, what does Folk Camp get out of this?

Apart from helping to achieve on of our main objectives to support and encourage folk and traditional activities, you decide what to give back. It is really important to let us know what this might look like – in the past successful recipients have donated copies of the songs or music they have produced, offered to volunteer or given publicity for Folk Camps.

How do I apply for a grant?

First of all you need to have been a governing member for at least 12 months or your parent/guardian needs to be if you are under 18. You fill in a Development Fund Grant Application Form giving the details of what the grant is for – let us know about your project, including the link to tradition or folk, the amount you think you will need and any other useful information.

You can post the completed application form to Folk Camps Society Limited, 74 School Lane, Staverton, Wiltshire BA14 6NZ, or email a scanned copy to the office.

Remember that there is currently a maximum limit of £1000 for any grant and that only 2 projects per family can be active at any time. If you need any help or advice filling in the form, please do not hesitate to ask.

What happens next?

We will let you know we have received your application and the awarding committee will decide upon whether to fund your project. You may be asked for more information, be granted part of the sum or the full amount.

Who decides to give me a grant?

The Development Fund awarding committee is made up of at least 5 members: 2 from the governing membership, 2 from the council of management and the Folk Camps Admin Manager who attends as a non-voting member. If you would like to find out more, please find further details in the application form or get in touch.

Can I find out about grants already awarded?

Of course you can. Previous successful grants have been given for collections of music, song and dance, courses attended, supporting festivals and other events. To find out more here is a summary of some of the projects supported and the beneficiaries.

TODO more information to be added later. For instance: short summary of projects and links to their external sites – e.g. Keith Gregson, Carolyn Robson, Richard Jones, Sarah Malleson, Cat Kelly