Folk Camps Council News

This page contains news from Folk Camps Council, the committee that runs Folk Camps. All Governing Members of Folk Camps automatically receive each posting to this page by email and may feedback comments on them direct to Council.

Welcome to the Council News blog

Welcome to Council News which is specifically intended for Governing Members to become more connected with the process and decisions of Folk Camps Council.

It has become clear to us on Council that there is a great desire amongst Governing Members to understand the reasoning behind the decisions we make. Not only that, there is also a willingness to help with our mission to make Folk Camps successful in the long term. Hopefully this Council News blog will go some way to enable both of these things to happen.

Every posting to the blog is agreed by Council before going out. The postings will be as candid as possible about the debates that led to our decisions and will therefore include technical and financial detail at times. But overall the intent is to communicate clearly in terms that can be easily understood.

The first real posting will be about the 25% discount decision and will offer an opportunity to help make it work.