Folk Camps Party Band

Putting Folk Camps firmly on the folk festival map, the Folk Camps Party Band is an exciting multi-ability multi-age ceilidh band drawn from all parts of the Folk Camps spectrum that attends several festivals a year to show off the essence of Folk Camps.

The festival public will experience first-hand the fun that can be shared across generations and abilities in making distinctive music together that is both musically satisfying and good to dance to.

The band participants will, as well as having fun, have a first rate educational experience which will help to develop the skills needed to make great potential folk camp musicians for the future.

The specially arranged repertoire will be drawn from the English folk tradition as well as other traditions which have been absorbed into the English standard repertoire.

The band is the brainchild of Jenny Newman who also leads the project.

What’s happening now?

The Promotional Demo will be used to present the band to a number of festival organisers. It shows the breadth of the intended repertoire and includes video showing the Folk Camps atmosphere and sense of fun.

Jenny is currently talking to a wide range of young Folk Campers to select a balanced band of around seventeen players (up to five of which will be professionals). The new 2018 band will meet for a formation and rehearsal day in the Xmas holidays.

Initial soundings of the festival scene have received a positive response to the band concept.  Hopefully this will eventually lead to definite bookings around the turn of the year.

Potential band participants contacted so far are very keen.  The general response has been overwhelmingly positive from everyone.