Summer Discounts Reducing

The number of summer weeks with discounts is reducing. Rolvenden Marquee Week 2 has no discounted places left. Get in quick for one of the other summer weeks while there are still discounts.

The discounts are related to the number of places booked, so discounts reduce as the camps fill up. 

Week 2 is likely to sell out soon, and there is no discount remaining. The other summer camps currently have 10% discount. When 70 places are filled at a particular week the discount will reduce to 5% at that week and when it reaches 100 there will be no discount for the remaining places. It is likely that more summer Folk Camps will soon reach the next discount threshold.

Go to the Camps Programme to choose your summer holiday now.

Folk Camps 2020 Programme Now Open for Bookings

Spend a week in beautiful countryside, camping with families and folk of all ages, being part of our wonderful community, creating fun and entertainment through folk music, dance and song.

Check out the video on the home page to find out more about our holidays.

We have six weeks of summer catered camps to choose from. Each will start with at a 10% discount, later reduced to 5% and then removed as the camp fills up. Book early for a bargain.

If you’ve already discovered the magic of Folk Camps, then introduce a new camper in 2020 and you can claim 20% of the value of their 2020 booking as your credit in 2021.

2020 Camps Programme and Discounts

The 2020 Programme of Folk Camps is now available.

We will open bookings by Friday 8 November. In the meantime you can browse and plan your 2020 Folk Camps holidays.

All camping prices are frozen at the 2019 rates.

The summer week camps have a discount scheme, initially 10% discount, which will reduce to 5% and then to full price as the camps fill up. Book Early!

We have 5 summer marquee weeks at Rolvenden in Kent, and 1 week at a large village hall in Welbourn, Lincolnshire.

Extent Newsletter Autumn 2019

The Autumn issue of Extent has just been published here. It contains info about our summer 2020 camp locations, a review of the year from the chair, info about Cat’s Development Fund Grant: Adopting a Musical Approach, and much more.

And all previous issues are available on this page.

Council Nominations closed, election info to follow

Folk Camps Council nominations have now closed and there are 10 confirmed candidates for six places.   The election will be a postal ballot for all current Governing Members, with results counted and declared at the AGM on Saturday 23 November 2019.  To register as a Governing Member see here. If you are not sure if your Governing membership is current or if you are a Governing member, just enquire with the office on

Introduce A Friend – Now More Valuable

The Folk Camps “Introduce a Friend” promotion is now even more valuable. As an existing Folk Camper, if you introduce someone new to Folk Camps, you will gain a credit of 20% of their first year’s bookings.

If you introduce several people, it could pay for your next holiday!

Ensure your friends mention your name when they make their first Folk Camps booking.

See full details on the Introduce a Friend page.