Each evening there is a ‘sing-around’ for anyone to have a go at a song, a story or just telling a good joke. There may be a camp choir or singing workshops organised and there will certainly be informal singing sessions. There will be lots of opportunities to try out new songs and old favourites, and enjoy singing with others.

For the real enthusiast, we run singers’ workshop camps.

Of course singers' camps also include the normal Folk Camp activities of music and dance.

Singing Workshops

These are the end results of popular singing workshops led by various Folk Camps staff. Whether accomplished or beginner, many campers enjoyed participating in the supportive, fun atmosphere while learning the songs.

Jules Gibb at a 2013 Folk Camp
I Am A River

Andy Johnson at Miserden
Hail Smiling Morn

Anna Tabbush at Lympstone 2006
Zulu Song

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Workshop Camps