Walter Pohl

Hello – I am Walter. I am a European and international friendship is very important to me. This is why I love Folk Camps where people come together to dance, sing and feel happiness. I grew up in Germany and live in Bremen with my family. I feel very happy that they all and an increasing number of friends in Germany are infected by the Folk Camp bacillus.

I started Folk Camping in 1980 when my English teacher dragged my school class to a Folk Camp after she had made contact with a group of morris men. I had no idea what to expect but since then I don’t ever want to miss it for the rest of my life.

I work as a musician in a project called Blaumeier where people with and without various disabilities come together to make art as painting, theatre, literature or even music - what Germans nowadays call inclusion. I like craziness and for me there is a mutual benefit of the culture and mood at Folk Camps and my job at Blaumeier.

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Leader : Marquee week 2 Rolvenden, Kent

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