Emma Daniel

I attended my first ever Folk Camp at the age of four years old. Much to my surprise, the first face I saw at camp in Studland Bay was that of Rose-Marie Bowker, a teacher at the local school in Kent I would be starting that September. My brother went on to dance with Rose-Marie and Bob Bowker's morris side Eyhorne Morris (later Kingswood) and, as a family, we began to attend folk dance clubs at Grafty Green and Beckenham and Croydon.

Following this, Folk Camps became our annual family holiday. At camp, we went on bear hunts (long before the book), learnt a variety of types of dance, and (very importantly) I learnt how to peel potatoes. Looking back, my best experiences of Folk Camps have revolved around dancing, making music, and having fun with friends. One of my favourite parts of Folk Camps is the feeling of community, of sharing, and of family.

Recently, I have joined a local morris side where I dance and play recorder and tin whistle. The main reason I volunteered as a member of staff is to help preserve the unique and amazing feeling and traditions surrounding Folk Camps. I see Folk Camps as a place for people to come together, and to learn from one another and, as a staff member, my aim is to help this happen.

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Leader : Welbourn, Lincolnshire

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