Working Groups

Folk Camps has several working groups to make decisions and organise various aspects of the society.

Finance Working Group

Co-ordinator: Company Secretary (Judith Jenkins)

Members: Chairperson (Marcus de Frettes), Company Secretary (Judith Jenkins), Barry Pollard, Kerstin Jewell (Interim Administration Manager)

Responsible for maintaining a system of calculating booking fees so that annual camp income just covers annual camp expenses including cost of administration. A contingency amount is also built into the expenses to cover unexpected costs.
A budget/results spreadsheet is used by the whole Council to calculate the income and expenditure for each camp. Over the last few years this has proved remarkably accurate in predicting each year’s results.

In addition, the council members in the group receive monthly finance figures (bank statements and reconciliation) from the Administration Manager and will approve the annual accounts before they are published.

Marketing Group

Co-ordinator: Anthony Keen

Members: Val Coleman-Porritt, Marcus de Frettes, Sue Malleson

Responsible for Folk Camps publicity and marketing, in order to increase the number of people booking Folk Camps holidays. Responsible for the content of the Folk Camps website including text and photos. Marketing includes cost effective use of a variety of media, possibly including advertising, social media, search engine optimisation, press releases, flyers, leaflets, editorial in suitable publications. Includes marketing to existing members to encourage more bookings.

Folk Camps currently has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Staffing Working Group

Co-ordinator: Barry Pollard

Members: Steve Porritt, Marcus de Frettes

In charge of organising the staffing for the season. Various members of the group take on responsibility for coordinating different camps, whilst the Administration Manager handles official Folk Camp communications (staff booking forms, distributing manuals). All group members keep the googledoc staffing spreadsheet up to date so that the Administration Manager can ensure the staffing names that appear on the website are correct. Timeline: outline ideas for following year’s staffing discussed from May meeting; informal conversations with potential staff during the summer (no promises); full staffing plan developed at Working Weekend in September; all group members work on ‘fixing’ staff for camps as soon as possible following the Working Weekend. Potential apprentices will be organised once the main staff are in place. The group maintains a list of current and past staff and aims to engage an appropriate number of apprentice staff each year. From time to time, staff training will be held and the Staffing Group has an input into deciding what form this should take. The group is also responsible for maintaining good informal links with volunteer staff and encouraging feedback from staff.

Catering Working Group

Co-ordinator: Jenny Hopper

Members: Liz Cooper, Chris White, Assistance from staffing caterers

To maintain up-to-date menus (annual review looking at suggestions from that year’s catered camps); to liaise closely with the Provisions Contractor about requirements; to improve and develop the information provided to caterers both before and during the catered camps: this includes guidance on special diets, suggested daily action sheet, crib sheet for apprentice caterers, advice on calculating the food orders on camp, etc. The Catering Group are also responsible for approving the final form of the Caterer’s Manual/Menus Folders which are distributed to the caterers by the Administration Manager.

Health and Safety Working Group

Co-ordinator: Lou Tribus

Members: Graham Clements, Val Coleman-Porritt, Emma Daniels, Liz Cooper

Has overview of all H and S matters, including coordinating any updating of H and S practices as required. Feeds information to Council re: necessary changes in practice and staffing manuals.

Development Fund & Bursary Working Group

Co-ordinator: Interim Administration Manager (Kerstin Jewell)

Members: Jacqueline Beattie, Liz Cooper,  Tony Mealings, Barry Pollard, Patrick Self, Lou Tribus

Folk Camps Society has a Development fund, currently about £20,000, which has made grants available to Governing Members for projects considered worthwhile and of benefit to Folk Camps. Council has agreed that the remit of the fund can be enlarged to include sponsorship of appropriate events.

Folk Camps awards bursaries for ‘almost-fully-funded’ places at Folk Camps.

The Development Fund is financed from a number of sources, including Folk Camps’ core funds, bequests from members, and Amazon Associate commission.

Folk Camps is set up as an Amazon Associate so that clicks through to Amazon resulting in a purchase earn a minimum 5% of the purchase price. This is transferred to the Development Fund account to maintain its level.

Folk Camps is grateful for the very generous legacy from Yvonne Hunt that is still funding the Folk Camps Bursaries.

If you are interested in leaving a charitable bequest to Folk Camps in your will, please contact the office.

Contractor Liaison Working Group

Co-ordinator: Judith Jenkins
Members: Lou Tribus, Marcus de Frettes

Responsible for hiring decisions, negotiating new contracts and setting the fee for each Contractor. Responsible for annual two-way feedback for each contractor. Ensures contractors are paid fairly for their contracted activities. Works with Contractors to identify where efficiencies/changes could simplify or provide better value for Folk Camps.

Also responsible for coordinating two-way feedback with volunteer camp staff.

Information and Communication Technology Working Group

Co-ordinator: Patrick Self

Members: Stuart Beattie, Marcus de Frettes, Anthony Keen, Patrick Self

Responsible for ICT tools used by Contractors. For instance the Folk Camps database used by the Admin Manager.
Ensures that folk camps information is held securely and shared appropriately with Folk Camps Council. Documents ICT procedures.
Manages the technology for the website.

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