What is a Folk Camp?

A folk camp is a community of friendly people, camping in beautiful countryside and engaging in folk music, dance, song and a huge variety of other activities. People from all generations and walks of life come to Folk Camps, mixing easily together. Children have lots of fun and adults find they can relax, knowing their family is happy and in a safe environment.


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We have marquee and hall camps in summer where volunteers organise workshops, daytime activities and evening entertainment.

“An excellent camp and site‚Ķwill come back with extended family next year!!”

We get up to things like this on a Folk Camp…

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Music, dancing and fun, along with interesting patterns. This is one of our favourite dances: Devil’s Dream, an American Contra, re-worked into a circle formation. Of course we don’t just dance Devil’s Dream, but this was a fun activity at one camp where someone had an idea and the enthusiasm to make something unusual happen. This video was the result. At each Folk Camp, something unexpected and fun is very likely to occur.

On weekend camps it’s self-catering, at week-long summer camps your meals are provided by different teams of campers who prepare food each day and we eat communally. You don’t have to join in everything. There’s plenty of time to visit tourist attractions nearby, or to go to a beach or have an afternoon out.

Campers bring their own tent, campervan or caravan. There are flush toilets and shower facilities. With a leader, musician, warden and caterer to organise the camp, different generations mix easily and you’d be amazed how quickly you’ll feel at home at Folk Camps.

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