Folk Camps has 4 part-time, self-employed contactors to manage various aspects of the organisation. They follow the directions of Folk Camps Council.

Interim Administration and Events Manager

Kerstin Jewell

In the short term, administrative functions for Folk Camps are provided by Kerstin Jewell (who provides a similar service to German Folk Camps).

Steps to appoint a new permanent Administration Contractor will be taken after the AGM in November.

Equipment Manager

Graham Clements

The first camp I went to was the marquee Folk Camp at Holton Lee, near Poole in 2007. I took on the role of Equipment Manager at the beginning of 2015 and with the help of Steve Porritt I maintain, service, deliver and setup all the hardware required to run a camp.

I can’t play an instrument, but I like to dance and I like seeing people enjoy themselves so I also volunteer as a Warden to put something back into Folk Camps. I enjoy making everyone’s stay at camp a happy one (I hope).

Provisions Manager

Jenny Hopper

My job is to support the catering teams to provide you all with good fresh healthy meals to feed you all at the summer camps.

I started going to Folk Camps in 2003 with my husband Simon and daughter Amy at a very wet Amroth marquee camp. We enjoyed it so much we have continued coming each year.
What more can you ask for a holiday than country air, healthy food, great music, great dancing, good singing and great friendship?

Sites Manager

Steve Porritt

I’ve been attending Folk Camps since 1990. My job is to find sites for both marquee and hall camps.

I am always interested in promising-looking possibilities so please get in touch if you’ve spotted a likely venue. Don’t forget, we pay a decent bounty the first time we use a site that you’ve suggested.

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