Covid Impact on 2021 Season

Weekend Camps (May and June 2021)

In the light of the Government’s latest Covid ‘road map’ we are not allowed to run these events and have therefore decided to cancel them for 2021. It will be our hope to roll these camps forward to 2022 with broadly the same locations, dates and staff (subject to availability).

Craft Break (February 2022)

The Paddocks Hotel is under new management and we have agreed a booking with them for next year. We are emailing all the regulars and we will add it to the online programme soon, available for bookings.

Summer Weeks and August Weekends (2021)

In the light of current uncertainties, we will keep these summer events under review and plan to make a decision in early May. If things become clearer before then and we are able to make an informed decision, we will do so and let you know straight away.

These are some of the issues that affect our decision to run Summer Folk Camps:

  • Can we run a ‘normal’ week without masks and social distancing? We want to be able to sing, dance and play – anything else is a compromise.
  • What the government’s safety advice will be for July/August
  • Has the impact of vaccines changed so much that we can confidently go ahead?
  • How many campers have already made other holiday plans for their own mini camping holidays etc?
  • Do we need to produce a scaled back programme or a scaled up one to match the demand?