Covid Policy – Spring 2022

Last update: 6 May 2022

We are hoping to run Folk Camps as normally as possible in the current circumstances. We aim to minimise risks to all campers, especially those who are more vulnerable.

We have taken account of the changing national circumstances and regulations, and will continue to do so. We will update this policy as necessary throughout the season.

Summary of current policy

Please take a lateral flow test before attending camp, and only attend if you are negative. We will refund your camp fees if you have tested positive just before camp.

We will take some additional precautions at each Folk Camp (as described below) to reduce the chance of infection, however this cannot be a guarantee.

There is no need to prove your vaccination status to attend a Folk Camp.

Precautions at each Folk Camp

We want you to help us protect each other by following these precautions at Folk Camp:

  • High energy dancing, singing, and playing wind instruments will be carried out in ventilated areas only (doors, windows, or hall entry and exit points will be open during these activities). Please ensure you bring adequate clothing as the weather cannot be guaranteed!
  • Please avoid crowding around entrance and exit points and be mindful of other people‚Äôs need for space.
  • Please adopt good hand hygiene practices. Hand sanitizer will be placed at key points around the venue for use including in the hall. We encourage all dancers to use hand sanitizer or wash hands with soap frequently during dancing sessions.
  • Toilets and washrooms will have soap and sanitizer available. If these supplies are running low, please notify the Warden on site.
  • The Warden will ensure there is a rota for campers for cleaning communal areas regularly.
  • If you become unwell with Covid, we request that you isolate immediately, notify a member of staff and return home. Folk Camps will reimburse you if you are not able to continue your stay. 

We hope that you agree to these precautions. Obviously if these precautions do not suit your party (too safe or not safe enough) you can cancel your booking and ask for a full refund.

Changes since earlier version of the policy

We have removed the need for vaccinations.

We will take it on trust that you will perform a Covid Test in advance of coming to camp and only attend if you test negative.

We have updated the FAQ.

Updating this policy

Folk Camps Council is meeting as often as necessary during 2022 to reassess the situation. This may lead to updates to this policy. There will definitely be a further update before the summer catered week camps.

Policy FAQ

See this page for background and FAQ to the Covid Policy.

Next steps

See the programme of Folk Camps, of find out more about Folk Camps.