About Folk Camps Society Ltd

Information about the organisation, its origins and who runs it.

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Q. How long have people been Folk Camping?
A. Folk camping, as we call it, started back in the early 1960s when a few families got together to enjoy family holidays and share their love of folk music activities. The idea snowballed and before too long an organisation was formed to manage the growing community of Folk Campers. In time as it became clear that the promotion of all things “folk” at Folk Camps was a valuable educational activity, so Folk Camps Society Limited – a registered charity, was born.

Q. Do I get a reward for introducing people to Folk Camps?
A. Yes, there are various incentives which we operate from time to time. See Introduce a Friend.

Q. If I find a suitable site for a Folk Camp and it gets used, do I get a discount?
A. Yes, if we use a site recommended by a member we reward them as they are few and far between. If you have a suggestion, please let us know by emailing the office.

Q. I’ve heard people talk about “The Council” – what is it and what does it do?
A. Folk Camps Council comprises the directors and trustees of the organisation. They are volunteers, elected by Folk Camps members. Council is responsible for finding sites, deciding prices, formulating strategy, etc. Also attending Council meetings are our various contractors. They are not employees but are paid for some of the work they do. Much of the work that is necessary to manage and run the organisation is done by volunteers. See Running Folk Camps.

Q. Is Folk Camps Society a company and what happens to the profit from Folk Camps?
A. Technically we are a company limited by guarantee and a charity. Most years we pretty much break even. Any small profit provides for future financial stability. But if we do make a large profit in any year it is ploughed back into the running costs to ensure that we can continue to promote folk, music, dance and song activities for future generations.

Q. How does an Associate member differ from a Governing member of Folk Camps Society?
A. Anyone who books on a holiday with us becomes an Associate member of our organisation. For a nominal fee of £1 per year (paid 5 years at a time to keep admin costs down) you can become what we call a Governing member. Governing members can vote at general meetings and also stand for election to the Council of Management which runs Folk Camps Society Ltd. Governing members are also eligible to apply for Development Grants.

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