Covid Impact on 2021 Season

Weekend Camps (May and June 2021)

In the light of the Government’s latest Covid ‘road map’ we are not allowed to run these events and have therefore decided to cancel them for 2021. It will be our hope to roll these camps forward to 2022 with broadly the same locations, dates and staff (subject to availability).

Craft Break (February 2022)

The Paddocks Hotel is under new management and we have agreed a booking with them for next year. We are emailing all the regulars and we will add it to the online programme soon, available for bookings.

Summer Weeks and August Weekends (2021)

In the light of current uncertainties, we will keep these summer events under review and plan to make a decision in early May. If things become clearer before then and we are able to make an informed decision, we will do so and let you know straight away.

These are some of the issues that affect our decision to run Summer Folk Camps:

  • Can we run a ‘normal’ week without masks and social distancing? We want to be able to sing, dance and play – anything else is a compromise.
  • What the government’s safety advice will be for July/August
  • Has the impact of vaccines changed so much that we can confidently go ahead?
  • How many campers have already made other holiday plans for their own mini camping holidays etc?
  • Do we need to produce a scaled back programme or a scaled up one to match the demand?

Virtual Events In February 2021

We cannot run our usual Folk Camps Craft Break this February, so instead we have a programme of virtual events online instead, running in the February half term Mon 15th to Sat 20th February.

The table below shows the programme of activities.

All sessions and workshops will be held using Zoom. Further details of each event are available on the Lockerdown Facebook group – see the “Events” tab. If you don’t engage with Facebook then please email to get the Zoom events link.

Scroll down to see full details of each event below the table.

Monday 15th February

10.30 am
Coffee and Chat with Sue Malleson
– The traditional start of camp meeting where we’ll instruct you on how to use the pump up showers and explain Rolling Home. Seriously though, this will be the place to meet and chat to old friends before the start of the event. We’ll outline the programme, try to answer any questions and offer to help to anyone struggling with Zoom.

2.30 pm
Chicken Scratch / Broderie Suisse with Diane Kingston
– Create an optical illusion with a piece of gingham/checked fabric and some basic stitches. This technique is known as Chicken Scratch or Broderie Suisse, If you don’t have any gingham/checked fabric or thread then please email Diane via the office – by the end of Monday 8th Feb, so she can send you some for £1.50 to cover postage & packing. At the end of the week you’ll have a chance to show everyone what you’ve created.
You can see some examples (including samples of what you should be able to achieve in the workshop.and over the following days).

4 pm
Children’s Ceilidh with Paul Weir MC & Chris Jewell’s Band in the Cupboard

You’re sure of ridiculously contagious fun, dancing with your real or imaginary companions. There will be guest callers and musicians as well as entertainment slots. Or why not play along to the music as part of the virtual band?

Tuesday 16th February

10.30 am
Music session with Richard & Belinda Jones

Richard & Belinda will develop simple arrangements, with harmonies and counterpoints. Tunes will be in keys which are suitable for all instruments. Sheet music will be provided with written parts for all standards of play. Transposed versions can be supplied on request.
Richard and Belinda have been giving weekly online workshops with SelFolk (The South East London Orchestra). Participants will not be able to hear each other playing (because of synchronisation problems), but they will be able to hear Richard & Belinda so it will be as if they are playing in a trio.

2.30 pm
Make a paper picture frame with Sally Foster

Create a Picture Frame with Sally Foster from double-sided paper and matching card. Materials and equipment needed to make the picture frame in this workshop:

  • 1 Sheet double-sided paper with a different pattern on each side (but not a striped pattern) 12-inch (30cm) square is ideal (a smaller square is possible but more fiddly), or 3 or 4 sheets 6 inch x 6 all matching will also suffice.
  • 1 sheet of card of the same size in a matching colour (plain no pattern)
  • Guillotine (or failing that scissors)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Double-sided tape (or failing that a roller or tape mouse

Simple Puppets with Carolyn Page

Make simple puppets with a sock, mitten, lollipop stick, wooden kitchen spoon or just your fingers. Have felt-tip pens, scissors glue, card, and maybe, some wool or scraps of fabric to decorate with. This craft can be suitable for even small children (under supervision) as well as adults.

Slower Tunes Session with Frank Park

A tunes session for “improvers” with dance tunes a little slower. Frank aims to lead you through some Playford dance tunes with sheet music provided. You may then wish to play along with the Playford Dance Workshop later in the week. This will be led by Frank’s wife Clare with Frank himself playing. Frank will cover some of the music for the 6pm Thursday Playford workshop so you might like to attend that as well and put your hard work into practice.

8 pm
Folk Dancing With Madeleine Smith

Trip the light fantastic to recorded music under the expert guidance of Madeleine, with familiar dances being adjusted for the current environment. Other callers may well pick up some useful tips!

Wednesday 17th

10.30 am
Music Session with David Pattenden

Join David Pattenden for the morning Music Session. Download the play-list from the link on Lockerdown before the event.
Pages 10 – 15 of this pack comprise 3 pages copied by permission from ‘Play In The Band’ and the corresponding 3 pages from the website ‘‘ where you will find second parts for these pages. If you have your own copy of ‘Play In The Band’, and/or you’ve already downloaded these second-part pages, of course you don’t need to print out these pages again. The same website contains second parts for all the other tunes in Play In The Band, Band Swing and Band Time, available for free download. The same tunes are also presented in .ABC, .MID and .NWC formats (not all yet available) at… and If you need copies for transposing instruments please contact David via the office.

2.30 pm
Sew & Natter with Jenny Walton

Bring your sewing or knitting to the table and share an hour or so of nattering with your folk camp friends. You don’t have to be doing anything actually, you can just turn up for a chat.

4 pm
Poetry Reading with Sally Hawksworth
Come along and read your favourite animal poem or just join and simply listen.

8 pm
Sing-around led by Peter Tomlyn

Pull up a chair for the evening and Peter Tomlyn will pass the token round so you can take a turn to sing, play, recite a poem or short story or just listen and sing along at home.

Thursday 18th

Rhythm with Bruce Knapp
Explore rhythm and how to make accompaniment a more expressive area, creating dynamics when playing behind melody. All instruments can take on this roll, so bring yours to the workshop.

Make a Suffolk Puff tree with Christine Corkett

Christine Corkett will guide you through the workshop. Here is what is required. Suffolk Puff trees. Google it, there are photos. You will need some small pieces of cotton fabric can be all the same or a mixture, needle, thread and scissors, a pencil and an old cotton reel or one which still has thread on will do. Before the workshop please cut out you circles of fabric one of each size: 22cms 19 cms 17,15, 13, 11, 9, 8, 61/2 and 5cms

Animal Magic with Carla Woods

Bring along any puppets you made earlier in the week, or your favourite soft toy. Dress up as an animal if you wish. Bring along a percussion instrument – something to hit, like a drum or empty milk bottle and stick, or shake like bells or seeds in a bottle or a couple of spoons or saucepan lids (basically something that you can make a noise with) Finally bring along your voice as an instrument as well and Carla will weave some magic to encompass your participation in various ways during this session. Suitable for children as well as adults.

Playford Dance Workshop with Clare Park

Clare invites you to join her for one hour at Thursday’s Zoom dance workshop to enjoy a selection of some of her favourite English Country Dances from the 17th century to the present day. Clare will carefully guide you through the dances on Zoom to live music from her husband, Frank, some of which will have been taught at his improvers musicians workshop.

Friday 19th

10:30 am
Music Session with Moira & Peter Gutteridge

Moira and Peter will be leading a session of tunes they like. You’re invited to play the tunes along with them, or play the second part, or harmony line, if that’s what you choose to do. A file of the music is posted on Lockerdown. There will also be opportunities for participants to lead one of the tunes, if they would like to. If you need a part for a transposing instrument, please let them know as soon as possible, preferably by February 12th, so they have time to prepare it – please email Moira and Peter via the office.

2.30 pm
Collage Workshop with Dorothy Seedhouse

Have a stiff piece of card for backing, pieces of paper, this could be any sort of paper or pictures you could cut off old Christmas or birthday cards or magazines. some PVA glue and small scissors. A ruler may come in handy as well.

4.30 pm
Show & Tell with Sue Malleson

A chance to show and tell what you’ve achieved during the week. Make a nice cup of tea, settle down in front of the Zoom screen and bring with you to show others, whatever it is you have achieved craft-wise during the week. Or maybe you’ve learnt a tune or written a poem. Share it with us.

Saturday 20th

Children’s Painting with Joy Locton

Join Joy and her grandchildren in an hour’s painting.

All Events

See table of events in the week.

Council Election 2020 Results

In the election for Folk Camps Council, Clare Mycock has been newly elected and Anthony Keen has been re-elected to serve a second 3 year term on Council.

At the subsequent Council Meeting the following officers were appointed unanimously:

  • Marcus de Frettes as Chair, proposed by Patrick Self, seconded by Paul Weir.
  • Patrick Self as Vice Chair, proposed by Marcus de Frettes, seconded by Anne Guthrie.
  • Anne Guthrie as Companies Secretary, proposed by Marcus de Frettes, seconded by Mel Horton.

The full list of current Council members can be found on the Council page.

Folk Camps plans for 2021 season

While Folk Camps hope to be able to run some events in 2021, it is currently too early to know if it is safe or sensible to do so. If a vaccine has become widely available and normal life has become possible once again, we hope to be able to enjoy the camps we all love.

If, however, there is any significant risk – be it health, social or financial, we will not go ahead with any camps that cannot function ‘as normal’. We will not release any camp places for booking until we are confident that we can go ahead.

If the weekend events are able to take place, we will put them on sale from 1 March 2021. If we are able to go ahead with the summer camps we will open for bookings on 1 April 2021.

The programme proposed for 2021 is broadly the same as that for 2020 – the same sites, similar dates and broadly the same staff. There will be small changes and these will be published in detail when we launch the programme in 2021. To get a sense of what is planned you can see the original 2020 programme here.

Lockerdown: Folk Camps in your garden – sign up for online events

Although we cannot meet in a field this summer, Folk Camps is setting up the infrastructure to enable staff and campers to run their own “online” events.

What happens will be up to you and others who want to offer events to their fellow campers.

The best place to share ideas and learn about events taking place is on our new “Lockerdown” group on Facebook.

We know that some staff teams are planning music workshops, tune sessions, song circle, ceilidhs and camp meetings. As events get created, there will be details on the Lockerdown Facebook group.

You may feel like offering a Morris session, a potato peeling session, knitting circle, marquee pub etc. Let us know and we’ll help.

Lock down video from the Party Band

The Folk Camps Party Band has produced a Lock Down Video for the virtual festivals that are happening this summer. On a positive note we know that the band will be very busy next year with all bookings being carried over to Chippenham, New Forest, Cambridge, Towersey and Bromyard.

See the Party Band page for the video and the 2021 festival dates.