A ‘virtual’ online folk camp?

As a result of having to cancel the 2020 programme of Folk Camps due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is much enthusiasm for holding virtual events in the summer so that we can stay in touch with our Folk Camp friends from the safety of our own gardens. Song swaps, tune swaps, knitting workshops – all these things can be shared over Zoom or Skype. Some of us are planning to put a tent up in our own garden, peel potatoes and wash up online! And dancing is also possible!

These virtual events may be large or small in scale, run by Folk Camps or run by YOU formally or informally! We’d like to hear YOUR suggestions for virtual events. Please send your ideas to There are already some great events going on between folk campers and we’ve seen that folk campers have the energy and the ingenuity to make many things possible!

Watch out for announcements of online Folk Camp events in the coming weeks.

Summer Folk Camps 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

In the light of the continuing Covid 19 situation and in response to government advice, Folk Camps has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the remainder of this year’s Folk Camps for the safety and wellbeing of our campers and staff.

This means that ALL remaining camps for 2020 are now cancelled.

Why have we cancelled?

  • Folk Camps Council held a meeting this week to discuss the situation. Up to 40% of camp staff are unable to commit to attending a camp this summer because of health concerns for themselves or members of their family.
  • It is apparent that many campers are in a similar situation.
  • It is impossible to maintain a proper health regime at camp or effectively sustain social distancing.
  • There is little prospect of the UK pandemic improving by July to a point where we could confidently risk the enormous costs of setting up the camps.

What will happen now?

Folk Camps has financial reserves to cover the crisis. We will aim to trim our costs to a minimum for the rest of this year. If circumstances allow, we propose to run all the 2020 events in 2021 at the same sites, around the same dates and where possible with the same staff teams. Effectively we are transposing the whole 2020 programme to 2021. (Update on 2021 plans here).

Look out for news of virtual Folk Camps. And sign up to the emailing list to be kept informed of more Folk Camps news.

Some weekend Folk Camps cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic

In the light of the Covid-19 situation and in response to government advice, Folk Camps has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel certain camps for the safety and wellbeing of our campers and staff.

This means that ALL weekend camps up to the end of June are cancelled and we have contacted those affected by email to offer refunds.

For the time being we are keeping the main summer camps and August Bank holiday camps under review and will defer a decision until the situation is clearer.

For many Folk Campers this will create mixed feelings – disappointment, relief and the hope we can meet during the summer if it is possible and safe to do so. Never were those famous Folk Camps hugs more needed than now! We don’t yet know when this emergency will be over.

We look forward to being able to run more camps again as soon as the crisis is over!

Best wishes and I hope you are managing as well as possible in this challenging time for us all.

Marcus de Frettes, Folk Camps Chair

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and Folk Camps for 2020

Folk Camps is closely monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We will take account of Government advice. Our primary aim is to protect the health and welfare of our members.

At time of writing (16 March 2020) the situation is changing rapidly. It may affect all camps, some camps or no camps.

Whatever happens, if we are obliged to cancel any Folk Camps because of the pandemic, then we will refund any deposits and payments that you have already made.

In the meantime, if you wish to reserve a place on the camp of your choice, you can go ahead, knowing that if we have to cancel, you will get a refund of your deposit.

Summer Discounts Reducing

The number of summer weeks with discounts is reducing. Rolvenden Marquee Week 2 has no discounted places left. Get in quick for one of the other summer weeks while there are still discounts.

The discounts are related to the number of places booked, so discounts reduce as the camps fill up. 

Week 2 is likely to sell out soon, and there is no discount remaining. The other summer camps currently have 10% discount. When 70 places are filled at a particular week the discount will reduce to 5% at that week and when it reaches 100 there will be no discount for the remaining places. It is likely that more summer Folk Camps will soon reach the next discount threshold.

Go to the Camps Programme to choose your summer holiday now.

Folk Camps 2020 Programme Now Open for Bookings

Spend a week in beautiful countryside, camping with families and folk of all ages, being part of our wonderful community, creating fun and entertainment through folk music, dance and song.

Check out the video on the home page to find out more about our holidays.

We have six weeks of summer catered camps to choose from. Each will start with at a 10% discount, later reduced to 5% and then removed as the camp fills up. Book early for a bargain.

If you’ve already discovered the magic of Folk Camps, then introduce a new camper in 2020 and you can claim 20% of the value of their 2020 booking as your credit in 2021.

2020 Camps Programme and Discounts

The 2020 Programme of Folk Camps is now available.

We will open bookings by Friday 8 November. In the meantime you can browse and plan your 2020 Folk Camps holidays.

All camping prices are frozen at the 2019 rates.

The summer week camps have a discount scheme, initially 10% discount, which will reduce to 5% and then to full price as the camps fill up. Book Early!

We have 5 summer marquee weeks at Rolvenden in Kent, and 1 week at a large village hall in Welbourn, Lincolnshire.