Jane Farndon

My first Folk Camp was at Deal in Kent in 1972 (I think). I was 7 and I went with my family. I loved it from the start with all my favourite things together in one holiday: playing my recorder, dancing and making friends! We would then go two or three times a year during my childhood.

I most enjoy being a part of making the holiday for all of us as a member of staff. I have been on some other holidays (not at Folk Camps) where the only thing I remember is that the food was awful and that has left me with the impression that was a bad holiday. If there are no feedback comments about the food then I think I have done a good job as Caterer. If there are positive comments then I know I have done an excellent job.

It is hard to choose a favourite part of Folk Camps. I love the whole thing. I have never been a person who likes lying on a beach for hours so the workshops and community environment are great. I like arriving on site and feeling the excitement of looking around and seeing who is there. Will I see my friends from last year? Will I make a new friend? I also love the food especially breakfast. It is the only time in the year I will have fried bread and I wait for it all year. (Though there are healthier choices too!)

It is hard to choose a favourite memory from so many but what must rank quite highly is seeing my own children loving Folk Camps and getting stuck in to the workshops and dancing. So much so that now they are adults they make their own bookings without me, to be at Folk Camps with their friends.

When I am not a Folk Camp I am part of the Chorlton Cloghoppers: a Lancashire clog step dancing team based in Manchester. We dance at venues around the North of England. I also try to find time to practice playing my recorder. This is harder than you think when I have to juggle the other responsibilities of a full time teaching job and family life, but I muddle along.

To this role I bring my experience, my passion for Folk Camps and my desire to give everyone a good holiday without having to worry about what they will eat. My working experience included catering for expedition groups in the UK, Europe and Asia. I have been part of the Folk Camps catering team since 2011.

I could say I volunteer as a caterer because it is the only way I would get a holiday and I get the chance to spend time with my children, but in reality I just love the whole experience and environment. I meet people year after year as well as meet new people, have a holiday I enjoy and help make the holiday as good for everyone as the ones that I can remember from my past.

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Joint Caterer : Hall week Welbourn

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