Sam Mason

Sam has provided his profile in the form of a poem. This appears to be the result of a bet...
(He may have to rewrite the 6th line every year though...)

My name is Sam Mason from Cumbria,

At home I'm a builder by trade,

And I like to warden at folk camp,

a decision that I long ago made.

I've been folk camping since I was 4 months old,

and now I am twenty two.

For most of that time becoming a warden

Is what I've wanted to do.

I play an Irish guitar bodied bouzouki

Which I know sounds a little bit weird,

But I'm just as attached to my bouzouki

As I am to my very own beard.

I'm not a morning person,

But I try my best to get up,

And before 10am I'm rarely seen

Without my coffee cup.

So here's a note for the future

If I'm your warden on camps to come,

If you want to bribe me, or get in my good books

The most effective gift is rum.

Sam‘s Folk Camps

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Warden : August BH weekend Bampton, Cumbria

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