Louisa Carran

I was introduced to Folk Camps in 2009 by a friend who brought me with their family and I've come every year since!

My favourite part of Folk Camps is the community feeling that each camp has. I really like the way that the whole camp pulls together bringing their different skills, talents and attitudes to make a really lovely holiday for everyone.

What is your best Folk Camps memory or experience?

Late into the evening during a camp ceilidh the generator cut out the power mid way through Levi Jackson, cutting out the sound and the lights. So we sang the tune instead and carried on dancing in the dark with just a couple of torches.

What do you bring to this volunteer role?

I am a vegetarian and therefore I make sure that anyone with special dietary requirements is considered carefully.

Why do you volunteer as a caterer?

Because I really enjoy being part of the Folk Camp community.

What can people expect from your catering?

A fun enjoyable day in the kitchen if that is the duty they choose!

What do you do when you are not a Folk Camps?

I'm at a drama school in Liverpool studying Community Drama. A course about learning how to work with specific communities to direct or teach drama.

What instruments do you play?

I learn to play ukulele, guitar and recorder during Folk Camps.

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Caterer : Marquee week 1 Rolvenden

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