Polly Walker-Penn

I came to fiddle playing quite late in life.. well, relatively. I was probably mid-teens before I was seriously keen. My inspiration came initially from my parents who played and listened to Irish music themselves, most memorably The Chieftains. In my late teens I discovered Donegal music, which has been the biggest influence on my fiddle style today. I have travelled the 'folk' scene throughout Wales and Bristol (and Ireland) learning tunes, picking up invaluable skills and making many friends! I have been a fiddle teacher for many years, teaching predominantly by ear as this is an invaluable skill for all musicians in the 'folk' world. I currently play in several ceilidh bands performing throughout Wales for weddings and other private events, and more recently playing at major folk festivals with the FCPB helping the spread the word about Folk Camps, which is a great privilege and experience.

My first camp was in 2014 and from the first day I was hooked! I love the friendship and laughter but most of all I love the inclusiveness and the way that we all leave our ‘normal’ lives behind.

My 3 young children, although not sure at first, have loved coming to Folk Camps and have been inspired to play music and to dance - not only at camp but now at home too. This is something you cannot put a price on and I'm eternally grateful for that!

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Joint Musician : Marquee week 4 Rolvenden

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