What do Folk Camps staff each do?

Have you wondered what it might be like to take on one of the roles in running a Folk Camp? If you want to find out more about being a member of staff or are just interested in how it all works then read on. Remember, Folk Camps only works if you join in and help – so come and be a part of it!


The Leader’s job is to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the camp delivers a happy well-organised holiday. They set the tone for the week by engaging and enthusing the campers. This can involve organising optional activities for the whole camp, such as a trip to the beach, having a picnic or a session in a local pub. They are responsible for ensuring that workshops happen, dances are called and songs are sung, but not to do it all themselves!


The Musician’s job is to lead the music for the week, primarily in running the daily music workshop by teaching different tunes that challenge a wide range of abilities, instruments and backgrounds. This often includes some playing by ear as well as from music notation. It is the musician’s job to ensure that there is music available for workshops, dancing in the evening and, as well as they can, to meet the demands of the campers. An important part of this role is to involve others by helping to get them to join in.


The Caterer has overall responsibility for the smooth running of camp catering and management of the kitchen. It is not their job to do all of the cooking but to guide and enable volunteers to do so. Being a caterer is about working with the campers to successfully deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner. They use their good communication and delegation skills to help ensure that everyone is well fed. They also amend the provisions orders, depending on the appetite of the camp.


The Warden is there to make sure that everything runs smoothly – this varies from making sure that the toilets work and that water comes out of the taps to helping to keep everything in communal spaces clean and safe. They do this by making sure everyone volunteers for a suitable duty and knows how to do it, as well as getting stuck in when they need to.

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